Solid hardwood flooring offers many benefits and a long lifespan. But we know you'll have many questions about the material and services.

We have the answers you need if you're contemplating these surfaces for any room in your home. Consider these three questions and their solutions as you get started.

1. Is hardwood durable enough for pets?

If you choose the suitable species, sealant, and finish, you'll find these floors are great in busy areas. Even with pets, you can enjoy a beautiful floor surface longer.

Always trim pet nails to a reasonable length and use wood flooring area rugs or runners where activity is high. Then, we'll give you more tips for choosing a wood floor that works for your pets.

2. What kind of looks can I get with hardwood?

Wood surfaces offer timeless visuals, no matter how diverse your choices are. They cater to your decor from light to dark stain colors and various formats and layouts.

Look for trends like whitewashed boards, light stain colors, and herringbone layouts. Each of these will serve you differently.

3. How long do wood floors last?

With professional installation, solid hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. Many products in historical buildings are known to be over 100 years old.

It will be easy to get a long life from these materials. And we can tell you more about how that's possible.

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