Should I go with dark or light-colored hardwood flooring?

This is mainly a matter of personal style, as well as lifestyle. It's also a matter of trendy vs. timeless. For instance, light-colored floors are hugely popular, while darker wood flooring will never go out of style. So feel free to come into our hardwood flooring company, and we'll guide you in selecting the best color for you.

The pros and cons of each
Lighter colors: Pine, maple, blonds, whitewashed floors, and oak stained a lighter color. Many designers say these will change the world of decor, probably because a light-colored floor can be coordinated with just about anything. They also make a room look large and airy and hide dust well, making upkeep a little easier. If, however, you have a dark-colored pet who sheds, you may want to think twice about this.

Dark solid hardwood flooring: Ebony, mahogany, cherry, and other darker woods make a stunning design statement and are elegant, classic, timeless, and somewhat dramatic. They also have a significant advantage when it comes to rooms with direct exposure to sunlight by absorbing, rather than repelling, the light, which makes the floors less prone to fading.

Dark floors also hide dirt and soil, as long as that, too, is dark, but, alternatively, if you have a light-colored pet who sheds, you will frequently be vacuuming.

Tips on choosing color:
  1. Consider your overall decor. While the room's floors don't need to match, you will want a cohesive, harmonized look.
  2. Choose two, three at the most colors for the room; otherwise, you'll have a jarring, confusing look.
  3. Think about your lifestyle: For example, dark woods tend to show scratches more quickly, so if you have kids, that might be an issue. 
  4. Is it sunny? If so, are window coverings adequate? Remember, some floors are prone to fading.
  5. Are you planning to sell? Sometimes darker wood floors command a higher selling price, we’re told by real estate sales associates.

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