Tile flooring: Why ceramic and porcelain make exceptional surfacing options

If you’re undergoing a home renovation right now, then you may be stuck puzzling what surfacing to choose for the project. When assessing the best kind of floors for your space, it’s essential to consider the needs of your lifestyle. Before you select surfacing for your redesign, check out the following advantages tile flooring has to offer.

Ease of maintenance

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are known for their simple maintenance requirements. In terms of upkeep, they need occasional cleaning with a damp microfiber wipe – no need for excessively watery mop-ups unless a big mess occurs. After 4-5 years, tiles may require an additional sealant application depending on the degree of foot traffic.

Water resistance

One significant advantage to tiles is their water-resistant properties, thanks to a glazed protective layer limiting stains and water damage. Of course, that's why tiles are so prevalent in bathroom and kitchen renovations. Naturally impervious to humidity, they’re also an excellent choice for rooms that are damp or climates that are often hot.

Cost efficacy

Incredibly cost-effective, tiles are manufactured at very budget-friendly prices. However, once you factor in the longer-term costs of this surfacing, plus its low-maintenance requirements, you’ll notice in no time how cost-efficient they are. Indeed, this calculation does depend on what type of tiles you choose, though even the higher-end, pricier materials provide outstanding value.


Feel free to place tiles in high-traffic spaces, as they’re incredibly hard-wearing. As previously mentioned, they’re resistant to stains and are therefore perfect for busy spots in the home. This combination makes for an excellent choice for households that need a strong installation with a long lifespan.

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Air quality

One unique characteristic that tiles offer is their low Volatile Organic Output (VOC). Since they’re fired in kilns at extremely high temperatures, they're manufactured with no VOCs, making them a favorite among homeowners with breathing issues, among other health conditions. In addition, as one of the low-VOC alternatives, they’re often sought out for their clean-air guarantee.

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